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Discover how your music listening habits may keep you stuck in stress.Your earbuds are IVs for self-medicating with music. Make sure you are applying music as medicine. Watch the video to find out more!

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When you feel overwhelmed, not meeting deadlines, dealing with job loss, family tension or financial strain, these negative situations create stress that causes 95% of all disease-related ailments, according to Dr. BruceLipton.com in the Stanford University study.

Wouldn’t you like to reduce stress easily – and not spend a lot of money?

Welcome to Music Medicine! Learn user-friendly life skills to reduce stress in as little as 15 minutes in any situation – for as little as $20/month. Find out what is inside music to keep you healthy. You probably listen to music that throws you into the past or sends you into the future, or matches the state you are in. There is another way – think differently about the music you choose. Mix your wide range of moods and all genres of music into formulas with the right mood sequence, dosage, type and frequency to use anywhere, anytime.

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Although you may have seen “Music Medicine” used a lot, this division of Music 4 Life® has been accredited by the Nevada State Board of Nursing since 1990.

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To join the Music 4 Life® Health Club and gain free access to programs, click here.

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