Wellness Circles

“Music is the Mediator between the Life of the Senses and the Life of the Spirit.” ~ Ludwig Van Beethoven

Music 4 Life® is in spiritual partnership with the Center for Spiritual Living Southern Nevada, providing wellness circles that connect the Life of the Senses with the Life of the Spirit to deepen your spiritual practice.

U.P.S. – Upleveling your Peri-Scope was a new 2016 monthly series of wellness FUNshops designed to deliver life differently. This series of  unique FUNshops changed levels of the panorama your peri-scope imagines. Spiritual navigation was innovated to download the universal delivery system. UPS-United Parcel Services requires 590 methods to synchronize the delivery of your special package.  We simplified your unique package! Presented by Marquita Pierre-McAlister and Judith Pinkerton.

Supporting the U.P.S. series of FUNshops, order your daily guide to living differently with this new, innovative perpetual journal calendar “Order Up Your Life” (Pierre-McAlister & Pinkerton, 2016).

Other types of wellness circles offered to deepen your spiritual practices:  Vibrational Meditation; Movement & Meditation; Meditation Immersion with Singing Bowls; Sugar Blues; Energy Balancing, Meditation & Drumming. Check the Music 4 Life® calendar for current events.

For more information about staff retreats tailored to your needs, contact Music 4 Life® at 702-889-2881 or email.

Dare to BE Happy Challenge!  (2014-2015) with Amy Frost and Judith Pinkerton presents wellness circle topics online at Music 4 Life® Radio. Check show archives for these topics.

Didje Want to Stop Snoring?  Learn how to play the didjeridu with Rick Dusek, to reduce sleep apnea and snoring. Check the calendar for scheduled classes.