Music Medicine Bed

The Music Medicine Bed is temporarily unavailable as the campus undergoes extensive renovation. It will be in a secluded room where you lie on the lounge which vibrates to the specially created music, merging your physiology, mental and emotional centers with your spirit for wellness. The VibroAcoustic technology combines auditory, visual and kinesthetic healing experiences with crystal ocean images on the tv monitor of dolphins & whales, or other images listed below.

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“Music is the mediator between the life of the senses and the life of the spirit.”  –Beethoven


  • Deep relaxation
  • Stress reduction
  • Pain management
  • Drug rehabilitation
  • Reduce emotional tension
  • Physical and auditory stimulation
  • Parkinson’s disease symptom relief

“The vibrations and music seem to take away much of the extraneous anxiety and allow me to process concerns on a deeper, more logical level.”   — Nicole

“It literally took me on a journey through heaven. I have really chronic back pain and the pain is gone.”   — Ryan

The Music Medicine Bed offers 10, 15, 20, 30, 50 or 60-minute sessions, including specially created music and sound frequencies for a variety of conditions.

  • Acute Pain (30-min)
  • Addiction for Newborns (30-min)
  • ADHD (30-min)
  • Adult Addictions (30-min)
  • Anxiety and Depression with Positive Affirmations (30-min)
  • Autism (30-min)
  • Ave Maria and Miracle Chord 727hz (30-min)
  • Ave Maria with Ancient Tones (30-min)
  • Back Pain and Spasms (30-min)
  • Breathe In~Out (30-min) – Photos
  • Chakra Journey (30-min) – Abstract
  • Embracing Self Love Meditation with earth frequencies (30-min)
  • Emotional Ties to Illness (30-min)
  • Enlarged Prostrate (30-min)
  • Grounding and Wake Up (10-15-20-min)
  • Heart Chakra (60-min) – Nature/Kids/Animals
  • Hindu Chant and Gong Bath (30-min) – Angels
  • Muscle Relaxer (50-min)
  • Natural Birth (30-min)
  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder (30-min)
  • PMS (30-min)
  • Preemie (30-min)
  • PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Frequencies with Water World (30-min)
  • PTSD – Severe with Peace (30-min) – Photos
  • Respiratory Relief (30-min)
  • Root ~ Crown Chakras (60-min) – Earth
  • Sedona (30-min) – Sedona
  • Sinus Infection (30-min)
  • Solar Plexus ~ Throat Chakras (60-min) – Art
  • The Rosary (30-min) – Religious Art
  • Water World (30-min)
  • Weight Loss (30-min)

Unless otherwise noted, DVD visuals are dolphins and whales.

A plethora of low chords, repetitious slow notes and tempos, high and low frequencies, and occasional guided imagery are served with speakers from inside and out to create a SONIC TUNE UP for all parts of your body, mind and spirit.

When your eyes are open during the experience, the LCD (liquid crystal screen) displays Dolphins and Whales in their natural environment, or other nature scenes or works of art, as you listen to specially created binaural music played through the VibroAcoustic technology. Original footage and sounds cast a sound and light show into the room as you drift into a hypnotic state of bliss.

The enhanced audio from the DVDs are played through the bed, sending vibrations deep into the muscles, joints, connective tissue, spine and brain and effects the receptors on the membrane (membrain) of every cell. Sound therapy may affect the body in its deepest places with an immediate impact on health, including pain and anxiety. The effects may be cumulative.

Regina Murphy coordinated creation of the Cove with contributors including composers David Gibson, Nexneuro LLC,  and Richard Plunkett (also video editor), and Dr. Suzanne Jonas. Frequency programs and research are validated from pioneers in the field with researched medical data revealing improvement in brain and heart health.

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MusMedCovePackages – save 50-60%.

Institutions using VibroAcoustic technology:

  • Duke University Medical Center, North Carolina
  • National Institute of Health, Washington D.C.
  • ASAF Research Laboratory, Colorado
  • Bethesda Naval Medical Hospital, Maryland
  • St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital, Florida
  • Disability Disorders Institute, Texas

Music Medicine Cove video


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