Music Medicine Self-Care in Music Therapy Session Plans is a 4-hour workshop with the inaugural training on June 23, 2018 in San Diego, CA.  Discover how the Music Medicine Protocol works effectively within sessions. Facilitated by Judith Pinkerton who leads a team working at SUD-Substance Use Disorder residential treatment centers, she has treated more than 10,000 patients and documented over 35,000 interactions.  This is how Judith does it. Learn about:

  • Flexible, spontaneous mindfulness
  • 3 letters creating session plans
  • Static improvisation
  • All music genres U.S.E.d
  • The Chronic Unsettled Comfort Zone™

Access more information and reference the promo flyer. To schedule your training, contact Music 4 Life at 702-889-2881 or email your request.

Music Medicine Level 1 Training

The Music Medicine Boot Camp is the first level course designed for self-care. Nurses, music therapists and other health boards offering reciprocity will receive 3.0 continuing education credits for the course. Music 4 Life, Inc. is a continuing education provider for the Nevada Board of Nursing and Certification Board for Music Therapists.

For personalized training with Judith Pinkerton, call 702-889-2881 or email your request. Read this flyer for detailed information about your personalized training and treatment.

MusicMedicine 2016

Guided meditations for groups called “Music Medicine Pills” are also available.

There are four levels of training in Music 4 life’s Music Medicine. The first level above focuses on self-care by completing the Music Medicine Boot Camp. Then, you may consider attaining training at these next three levels for implementation beyond self-care.

Music Medicine Level 2 Training

Music 4 Life® Advisors are trained to recommend Music 4 Life®  in their community as a resource for health, referring to the on-line self-assessment that empowers people to use effective stress management tools. Approved Advisors have completed Music 4 Life’s Music Medicine Boot Camp™ and can recommend Music 4 Life® products to customers and clients.

Music Medicine Level 3 Training

Music 4 Life® Specialists are trained to apply Music 4 Life® standardized music medicine CDs for their clients as a resource for health, referring to the on-line self-assessment that empowers people to use effective stress management tools. Approved providers have completed Music 4 Life’s Music Medicine Boot Camp™, have ordered the following products for their use and application, and completed additional Music Medicine training specific to their specialization. For more information, contact Music 4 Life Inc. at 702-889-2881 or email your request.

Music Medicine Level 4 Training

Music 4 Life® Practitioners pre-requisite is Music 4 Life® Advisor training. Then, training focuses on applications and treatment processes for standardized MEE™ CDs and production of custom MEE™ CDs. Practitioners complete extensive training to become members of the Music 4 Life® Practitioner Network. If you are interested in becoming a Music 4 Life® Practitioner, you must pre-qualify by completing the Music 4 Life® Advisor training. Practitioner trainings vary in length of time dependent upon background and healthcare certification and are pending CMTEs through CBMT.  Practitioners in the Music 4 Life® Practitioner Network may be contracted to participate in employee telemedicine that support prevention and treatment consultations provided through on-line corporate wellness programs.

For all training levels:

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